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david McCubbin

Actor, Writer, Director, Executive Coach
Corporate Dramatist

I have been a strategic business leadership communication consultant, trainer and coach for over twenty years.  Before that a Logie-winning actor and Playschool presenter. 

For many years, I have been looking for a way to ground the skills and techniques I’d learned as an acting student at the National Institute of Drama Art (NIDA) and adapted to help people in business communicate and lead more effectively. 

Addressing the reality of the professional folk we work with – their struggles, their values and beliefs – it has become clear that a large number of people are dealing with challenges that require more support than a half-day workshop or an online learning program. 

I believe ACT is the most effective and empowering personal development approach available for people leaders and professionals. In these roles, your value lies in the workings of your mind and your ability to act with clarity and conviction.  If everything was perfect, mindful action would be no problem.  But reality has a way of testing us, so it makes sense to get support to build strength and agility. 

Common needs?


professional development focuses on managing people, influencing outcomes and driving performance.   that fails to embrace our own emotional reactions to the very complex environment that is the modern workplace.  

IMagine you are in a performance review with a direct report that requires you to challenging feedback.  The meeting will be an interplay between their behaviour and your thoughts and feeling which have accompanied you into the room.  You can be provided with strategies and protocols to observe during the session, but unless your responses are actored into the equation, you are unlikely to get the response you want.  

Life is complex.  

Just making t through the day can come at a huge emotional cost.  If you are tossed about by your own feeling and worries.


Having trained thousand of people in business we understand the commonality of ur insecirites and how they can dominate yu thinking and behaviur.

Helping you t discern what you can control and what you can’t is a major step towards freeing you from unhelpful thinking.  

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