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COUP Founders and Directors

David McCubbin

David McCubbin

David is the world’s leading Corporate Dramatist. After training at Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art, David enjoyed a successful career as an actor in theatre and television while also teaching performance skills to budding actors and writing and producing original works for the stage.

He recognised early that show business is a business, and greater success would come from learning about how business operates. He took a role in a business media production company, where he learned that every business has the potential to create drama, much of which can impede progress.

He also recognised a commonality between many of the issues that business leaders wanted to solve and, with Annie, founder COUP in 2001. Since then they have delivered programs, productions and consulting across Australia and abroad.

Annie McCubbin

Annie McCubbin

Annie is a ground-breaking thought leader, committed to elevating the quality of critical thinking in business and in life. After an early career leading a successful retail operation, Annie trained as an actor, and won major roles in theatre and television, while also being sought after for her capacity to provide performance training to actors.

Founding COUP with David in 2001, Annie trains, coaches, writes, directs and occasionally performs in corporate dramas, delivered live or via video.

She has unique and clarifying perspectives on critical thinking and authenticity, that help clients make practical sense of their daily dramas.

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