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Use video to greater effect. Impact on the important narratives.

Not only do we bring decades of drama and documentary production experience to every production, we have a deep, practical understanding of training and organisational development philosophy and practice. 

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What you can expect

Every production is an organisational development opportunity.

Gone are the days when the standard corporate video format drives the project.  We look to the strategic agenda driving the decision to produce a video, or any media, and ask; “how can the project have maximum lasting impact on the business?”

Whether your aim is progress towards industry leading performance, a more effective operation or a more cohesive or constructive culture, video is a powerful tool when:-

  • The Context and Aim are clear and well served by the creative approach
  • The action, the drama or the stories are relatable and relevant to your audience
  • There is pace, humour and visual appeal
  • You are able to design the audience’s viewing experience; from on-demand access on any device to extensively designed viewing environments
  • Your production reflects not merely the brand guidelines (which is will) but adds depth and meaning to your organisational narrative.  

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What you can expect

We maximise the creative and strategic collaboration between our team and the in-house project managers and stakeholders.  Depending on your available time, and your desire to shape the story, we can dial up or down the degree of your participation. 

Our post-production process gives you full access to each cut with feedback and collaboration tools that make it easy to let us know what is working for you and what will work better.  

If these considerations sound attractive, they are at the heart of the very particular way that we approach production and deliver outstanding videos.  

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How can we help?

Start the conversation by letting us know the background to your project.

Describe your context, what you are aiming to achieve and why this is important.

Your deadline and expected budget will dictate the creative strategy, so please include these if you can.  

And anything else, including how we should contact you. 

Or simply add your name and email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Your information will not be shared with anyone, ever.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail.

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