Four Competencies

What is the link between COMPETENCIES and ACHIEVEMENT?

Our work is an opportunity to operate at a higher level by exploring some of the most valuable human competencies through a new lens; learning new ways of thinking about common situations, seeing more possibility and perhaps a better way of going about the achieving the things that matter.  

The Four Core Competencies

Get these right and everything follows

Underpinning effective leadership are the abilities:-

  • To be calm under pressure
  • To think clearly and accurately
  • To be effective and impactful with your communication
  • To play your role as a leader or member of a high performing team.  

It doesn't happen by magic.  Progress comes with insight and practicing the right skills and disciplines.

Mastering these four core competencies lifts people leadership to another level.    


The power and ability to remain calm, connected and grounded when under pressure. 


Accurately seeing the environment, avoiding biases and fallacious thinking, creating meaning and making good decisions.


Creating awareness, understanding and belief.


Leading, focusing and enabling the intelligence and activity of teams.

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