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The Two Imperatives

There is a common tension between two continuous business imperatives; “the square peg in a round hole” 

The criticality of both has intensified since the pandemic.  

Developing People Leaders

Without development, people leaders are less effective and may seek opportunity elsewhere.
With development, people leaders have impact, influence and lift performance of others.

Keep the Business Running

Current reality means that people leaders need to keep their head in the game.
The needs of customers, internal stakeholders and direct reports generally come first.

Conventional development approaches fail to resolve these tensions

Our approach delivers effective development for your next generation of people leaders 

without taking them out of the business. 

The Three Phases

Each development phase is described in terms of Impact.


From feeling overwhelmed, distracted or disconnected
Feeling stronger and more focussed on what matters most


From being inactive or ineffective
Having a positive impact on the business; to step up


From inconsistent or diminishing impact due to training fade
Sustaining lifts in performance in themselves and others

The Four Competencies


the power and ability to be calm and connected when things become challenging


the power and ability to create awareness, understanding and belief


the power and ability to lead teams that deliver


the power and ability to see clearly and make good decisions

The Five Goals

#1 Fortitude

Your people leaders will feel more solid and stable in their role

#2 Role Clarity

Your people leaders will know precisely how they contribute

#3 Impact and influence

Your people leaders will have stronger impact on the business

#4 Reduce Drag

Your people leaders will streamline and declutter common workflows

#5 Lead through others

You people leaders will drive excellence through their teams

Track progress toward these goals

COUP Directors

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

Annie McCubbin

Annie is a ground-breaking thought leader, committed to elevating the quality of critical thinking in business and in life. After an early career leading a successful retail operation, Annie trained as an actor, and won major roles in theatre and television, while also being sought after for her capacity to provide performance training to actors. Founding COUP with David in 2001, Annie trains, coaches, writes, directs and occasionally performs in corporate dramas, delivered live or via video. She has unique and clarifying perspectives on critical thinking and authenticity, that help clients make practical sense of their daily dramas.

David McCubbin

As Founder and CEO, David has driven the take-up of skills and disciplines from dramatic art as an effective learning and development mechanisms in dozens of blue-chip corporations across banking, professional services, retail, pharma, telecoms, tertiary education, social housing and government. He has designed and delivered countless leadership development programs for senior leaders and provided executive coaching to C-suite execs, CEO's and senior academics.

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