Chinese Students visit Cronulla Public

Given the recent prominence of China-related stories in the Australian media, I thought it might be timely to share a little video documentary we made for an Australian company called OzStudy. Lead by Wei Jiang, OzStudy organises study tours for Chinese students to have an experience of Australia and our wonderful education system. It is a brilliant way to support a future of shared interests, understanding and partnership between China and Australia.

We shot this on a single day in February, when the temperature in Cronulla was 38 degrees. I want to acknowledge the fortitude and good grace of the students and staff of Cronulla Public School and the visiting students and teachers who agreed to be interviewed. 

If you want more information on OzStudy and their services, please visit their website – – and reach out to Wei and her team.  As you see in the video, one of the most highly valued elements of the experience is the warm welcome and care provided by the homestay families. Perhaps this is a way that you can play a meaningful role in shaping a One Belt One Road future.  

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