Your Remote-Working Plan

Which of these more closely resembles your current experience?

High Drama / Low Performance

What do you see?

  • Uncertainty using the platform
  • People unclear about meeting purpose and outcomes
  • Different perceptions and expectation across the team
  • Disagreements go unaddressed
  • Some attendees are passive and disconnected
  • Some attendees take the conversation in unhelpful directions
  • Grandstanding goes unaddressed
  • No clear outcome
  • No progress.
Low Drama / High Performance

What do you see?

  • Clear agenda sent in advance
  • Agenda includes Context and Aim of the meeting, and the Reason for the Aim to be achieved
  • Agenda includes the questions that are the focus of the meeting
  • Attendees are expected to prepare answers to focus questions
  • Attendees login and solve connection issues prior to meeting start time
  • Meeting Owner facilitates discussion without drama
  • Questions are answered.  Progress is achieved.

You can have your Remote-Meeting Protocol sorted in Minutes

What is happening around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. It is certain that most businesses with medium to large workforces will be affected.

Remote-working, once the ambition of businesses looking to reap the rewards of flexible work arrangements, will now be forced upon employee groups subject to travel bans and work-from-home directives.

The good news is that the tools to help workgroups to stay connected when at a distance are available.  The way you use the tools will be defining

Remote working cannot be approached in an ad hoc manner if you want to avoid a drop in productivity.

If you want to send a message to staff about the way your business will get ahead of the impact, and strengthen your remote work protocols at the same time, consider licensing our implementation ready Remote-Working protocol and choose the options that is going to work best in your business

Review the Protocol

Download a watermarked copy of the COUP Remote-Meeting Protocol for review.

The licensed Remote-Meeting Protocol can be branded according your style guides.

We offer to customise the protocol with your language, branding for an additional cost, however, you will receive a clean, editable Word document and can take carriage of the customisation yourself.  

Review the Videos

View non-branded versions of video communication that introduces the rationale behind the implementation of the Remote-Meeting Protocol with staff, and relates the essential detail and call-to-arms in a clear and personable way.  The videos are designed to humanise the introduction of the Remote-Meeting Protocol, while also making the expectations unambiguous.

The licensed videos will be provided clean of branding or watermarks.  Your team will be able to add branding or run then as they are.  

We have produced the “white label” sequence to help smaller organisations implement the protocol quickly and inexpensively.  They can be downloaded and used immediately after taking out a license.  Customisation options are described below.


The Videos - Clean and downloadable in a range of size and resolution

On licensing, they are all available – clean and downloadable in a range of size and resolution.  These versions are watermarked with a COUP Online Learning logo, which will be removed. 

Video 1 – Our response to the COVID-19 crisis

Duration: 1:27


Video 2 – Connectivity

Duration: 2:14


Video 3 – Our response to the COVID-19 crisis

Duration: 2:47


Video 4 – The Remote-Meeting Protocol – Stage 1-3

Duration:  3:04


Video 5 – The Remote-Meeting Protocol – Stage 4

Duration: 2:21


Video 6 – The Remote-Meeting Protocol – Stage 5-6

Duration:  2:13



COUP.CO provides services and licensing through a membership model.  

Subscribing to the Remote-Meeting Protocol membership will make the documents immediately downloadable as a clean PDF and as a Word doc (.docx)

Subscribing to the Remote-Meeting Protocol Plus Communications membership will make the documents immediately downloadable as a clean PDF and as a Word doc (.docx), plus the Communication videos immediately downloadable in a range of file sizes and resolution.




Remote-Meeting Protocol

License and use immediately
$ 88
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Remote-Meeting Protocol
  • Supplied as is, watermark free
  • PDF and Word (.docx)
80% off

Remote-Meeting Protocol plus Communications

License and use immediately
$ 290
  • Inclusive of GST
  • Remote-Meeting Protocol
  • Supplied as is, watermark free
  • PDF and Word (.docx)
  • Communication videos
  • Supplied in a range of .mp4 formats
  • Links to online player provided
80% Off

Customising the Videos

We know some organisations will need to change references in the video and add branding, and other detail.  In this case, we will customise the video with your language and branding and we will even shoot it with your people leaders on request.  

There will be reasonable, additional costs depending on the scope of the required changes. 

To accommodate the variations, we request that we make contact, discuss what needs to change and when you want the videos to go into use.  We will provide a proposal letter listing everything that will be changed and a quote.  

Review the options opposite, and use the form below to let us know you are interested.  You are no obligation to proceed whatsoever.

If you wish to proceed, you can accept the quote by subscribing to the “Remote-Meeting Protocol plus Communications” membership.  We will complete the customisation. as per the schedule and invoice the additional fee on delivery. 

Video Customisation - What to expect

The elements of the Communication videos that have already been developed:-

  1. The scripts and graphics
  2. The recording of the white label version.

Customisation options include:-

  • Adding branding, logos, fonts and colour schemes
  • Changing the backdrop, (as you can see it was shot using green screen)
  • Changing the music
  • Changing the script, requiring a reshoot
  • Changing the graphics; options include using pictures or icons and different fonts
  • Changing the presenter; if you have the talent, you can shoot at our studio or we’ll come to you.  

There are many things that can be done and we won’t know the exact cost until we have spoken, however, here are some estimates.  

  1. Adding branding, re-exporting and delivery of videos: labour + QA, estimate an additional $600 + gst.
  2. Adding branding, plus changing graphics, sourcing images and new music: estimate an additional $1200 + gst
  3. Changing the script and graphics, requiring a re-shoot and re-cut; studio time, edit time, QA and delivery, estimate an additional $2400 + gst
  4. Changing scripts and graphics, and reshooting with one of your leaders; estimate an additional $5000 +gst.  

To assist in the process of customising the script, you can download a transcript, make your amendments using the Track Changes functions and send it back to us.  

If this is getting too complex...

… and you would just like to chat, use the contact email form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.