Your Best Imaginable Future

You are planning, or are in the midst of an organisational change or transformation, and you have recognised that having a clear and multi-dimensional vision for the future will help take people on the journey. 

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The buck stops with you. You have achieved success in previous roles and have been rewarded with increased accountability and authority. Leading people and businesses is complex, dynamic and rewarding when things are heading in the right direction. You want to be certain your organisational settings are lifting the performance of the team. 
Business Owner
Talk about having skin in the game. You know that business ownership is not merely about holding shares in assets and liabilities.  This is personal. The greater your sense of ownership, the more the performance of the organisation reflects on you; your identity. The health and well-being of your business, it's fitness to perform, is of primary concern.   

Some of the questions you want answered...

What is the most desirable, yet entirely achievable, future state?

What will be different to the current state?

How will the experience of people change?

Why is this better than the current state?

Who are the chief architects and visionaries?

How many people share the vision?

Which groups in the organisation have been represented, consulted or included in the development of your vision?

How aligned is the leadership team?  Are you seeing the same things?  How do you know?

How many aspects of your organisation’s operations are covered by your vision?

What form does your vision take?  Is it words, pictures, org charts?  

How have the interdependencies between systems, functions and workgroups been represented?

How have the changes in resourcing – time, people, capital – been accounted for?

What behaviours and competencies are required for the vision to be achieved and sustained?

What will people need to relinquish to achieve the change?

What will they have to do that they aren’t already doing?

How will you stabilise the essential functions of your operation while shifting to the future state? 

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We can help answer these questions

Your vision should be clear to everyone


It is the same organisation, performing at a new level


Your audience can see themselves in the vision


The needs of all stakeholders will be better served

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