Workshop Training

In response the changing workplace environment, we will be updating this material that address current competency needs.

However, the focus on Communication, Collaboration, Cognition and Composure remains

Make 'em laugh online

When they are laughing they are learning.

COUP specialises in training people in relationship and communication skills.  

We tailor and deliver training experiences, delivered to groups from five to five hundred that address specific organisational or professional development goals.  Our training is distinguished by our unique IP, the focus on trainees and our highly engaging training style.

As of April 2020, we have been working out how to translate that expertise into online experiences. 

Workshop themes

Workshop training will be tailored to meet the specific needs and nuances of your business, however, our expertise covers training in:-

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Composure
  • Critical Thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Delivering hard truths
  • Letting people go
  • Helping people focus on the right stuff
  • Executive advocacy
  • Career conversations in a post-pandemic world
  • Performance reviews during a pandemic

What you can expect

We seek to understand the complete picture before responding to your brief:-

  • The culture of the business
  • The link between what the business needs to achieve and the skills that need to be developed
  • The existing knowledge and competencies of the people to be trained
  • The post-training support that will be provided and what we may need to create.

We believe the 70/20/10 approach has proven to be the most effective approach to achieving a sustain lifts in performance and so we seek to understand how the Self-driven (20%) and the On-the-job (70%) components will be managed.  This enables us to make the workshop experience relevant and effective. 

How can we help?

Start the conversation by letting us know the background to your training agenda.

Describe your context, what you are aiming to achieve and why this is important.

The deadline and expected budget will dictate the creative strategy, so please include these if you can.  

Include anything else you want us to know, including how best to contact you.

Or simply add your name and email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Your information will not be shared with anyone, ever.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more detail.