We excel in providing practical learning experiences that lift people’s capacity to perform in business communication and relationship building activities that require a combination of personal and interpersonal skills.

These activities include:-

  • Presenting
  • Consulting
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Coaching
  • Facilitation
  • Team leadership.

The skills include:-

  • Presence
  • Composure under pressure
  • Enquiry and listening
  • Creative thinking
  • Advocacy and influencing
  • Story-telling
  • De-escalating drama
  • Keeping the conversation on track.

You can say that people are performing when the impact they have matches their intention:-

  • The presenter’s audience receives the intended message
  • The consultant’s client feels they are working with a trusted advisor
  • The customer buys with confidence and even a measure of gratitude
  • The coachee is clear and confident about what they will focus on to develop their skills and performance
  • The leader’s team members are aligned and empowered to be more than the sum of their parts.

Our training is practical for several reasons:-

  • Our expertise and our focus is on what happens within and between people in the moment when skilled performance is required. So while we provide insight into the neuroscience that helps explain how thought and action are related, our training experiences are geared towards the experiential
  • The training experience is highly personalized. We know that every person has their own levels of skill, comfort, thinking styles, communication biases etc and so our trainers engage each person as an individual
  • We believe strongly in a 70:20:10 style approach to performance training and we will structure our engagement around this.

While we have a suite of existing modules, we often customise the training program to fit the specific context and needs of our clients. This includes bringing a third party model or skills framework to life, such as working with the Human Synergistics tools and any number of coaching models. (We also have our own.)

There are many positive success stories that speak to the efficacy of coup’s training work. We invite you to contact us for a conversation about what you want to achieve.

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