Every media production process is an organisational development opportunity.

Sound contrived or complicated?  It’s the truth.

Every video has the opportunity to create a lasting impact on the performance of a business, be that about skills, behaviour, knowledge, values or culture. Good ones stay with people. They are remembered and mentally referenced, even years later. Bad ones are forgotten, or only remembered for how badly they got it wrong.

We’ll take care of the complications and produce a media driven experience that engages people, moves your business forward and makes a lasting contribution to what is best in your business.

Why invest in media production without believing that you will meet a real business need?

The needs we serve:-

  • Internal communication – informing staff about direction, strategy, culture or achievements
  • Sales and marketing – communicating the benefits of products and services to customers and how to enjoy them via its features
  • Corporate profiling and branding – creating a narrative to engage and align customers, staff, suppliers, communities and markets
  • Training and development – giving staff what they need to perform in their role
  • Induction and orientation – enabling new staff members to become productive sooner
  • Culture change and development – helping maintain organisational performance during change and reinvention
  • Capability or behavioural demonstration – helping people get it by showing it to them
  • Organisational development – helping the whole business evolve to become what it needs to be to succeed.

The screens on which our productions are seen:-

  • Cinematic conference screens
  • Projection screens playing PowerPoints with embedded video
  • Personal computers accessing intranets, YouTube and vimeo
  • Mobile tablets and smartphones
  • E-learning platforms and kiosks.

Our media delivers because we don’t just take a technical brief.  Our Creative Process begins with a conversation in which we learn how this project is expected to generate value for the business.  This enables us to make strategic decisions that multiply the value of the project.

Every project is different, however we can create value in these three stages.

 In the creative development process

The active engagement of stakeholders often triggers valuable, clarifying conversations about goals, policy, process and strategic intent.  We can provide:-

  • As little or as much collaboration as our clients want.  The most successful production are those where the business owners and leaders are involved with the envisioning part of the project, but we know this can be a scheduling challenge.  We’ll do what we can
  • Insight into the production processes so that corporate communication managers and project leaders can grow in understanding and expertise.  We regard our client managers as “Associate Producers”.  They more they know, the better they understand the process, the better the production.

During the production process

We make stars of the clients who appear in the production.  Whether they are speaking to camera, being interviewed, or playing a character in a drama, we are expert in putting people at ease and delivering their best performance:-

  • We’ll help make the script real, using language that makes sense to the person speaking
  • We’ll provide autocue and coach people how to use it well
  • We can advise people on strategies to manage nerves or present more powerfully
  • We make the process enjoyable.

In the positioning and debriefing of media

We care about the way productions are presented, positioned or debriefed with the audience, as these factors often determine the total value created by the project.  We can provide:-

  • Technical advice on media file formats, media players and other factors influencing the playing performance
  • Communication advice on how to set the context for a screening; how to prime the audience to receive the key message
  • Facilitation advice on how to surface people’s response to the message; how to debrief a video at a conference or a workshop; how to make sure that the media is part of a two-way conversation.

So, our process is as much about creating direct and tangential value as it is about making a video.  But for the record, you can expect the following technical production skills:-

  • Script writing
  • Casting and direction
  • Videography; single camera or multicam shoots
  • Graphic and typography development and animation (primary tool is Adobe AfterEffects)
  • High-end audio engineering
  • Video editing (primary tool is Adobe PremierPro)
  • Media conversion.

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of a well-aimed, well-produced video, give us a call and we’ll quickly establish if we can help.

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