Since 2005, coup has been connecting people to the insights and development directions embedded in Human Synergistics tools by bringing the styles to life.

We have dramatised the styles of the Circumplex on countless occasions, at Human Synergistics national conferences, and across many industries; financial services, resources, telecommunications, professional services, emergency services, the utility sector and others.

This scene was written to opened 2014 Human Synergistics Conference on Leadership and Culture. It recognises some of the questions faced by organisations considering investing in developing a constructive culture.

This is the scene as it was performed live at the conference. Notice the different effect of theatre vs filmed drama.


At this year’s 2015 conference, we took the same story further.


In 2007, Human Synergistics commissioned coup to create a dramatisation of the twelve circumplex styles which is still used in many LSI 1 & 2 debriefs and workshops. Drama is the ideal compliment to any development work using HS tools, because it simply helps people “get it”.  They recognise themselves, others and the culture of their team or their organisation.

When they can “read the map”, that is, when they can accurately interpret circumplex and other HS data, they are them able to take real accountability for their own development.

This is another example of our contribution to the work over the years.  This is the Circumplex Christmas corporate.  It’s a tongue in cheek, seasonal demonstration of the twelve styles.

This is one of many that we will add to this page in the coming weeks. If you are interested in exploring what we can bring to life for you, drop us a line.

We love this work because it is fun and creative, but more importantly the value created – in terms of recognition that leads to genuine performance improvements – is immense.

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