High Performing Cultures

You are ready to address the impact of your organisation’s culture on performance, and you want a precise evidence-based approach to addressing the drivers of positive change.

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The buck stops with you. You have achieved success in previous roles and have been rewarded with increased accountability and authority. Leading people and businesses is complex, dynamic and rewarding when things are heading in the right direction. You want to be certain your organisational settings are lifting the performance of the team. 
Business Owner
Talk about having skin in the game. You know that business ownership is not merely about holding shares in assets and liabilities.  This is personal. The greater your sense of ownership, the more the performance of the organisation reflects on you; your identity. The health and well-being of your business, it's fitness to perform, is of primary concern.   

Some of the questions you want answered are here...

What do you mean by “Culture” and how does it differ from “Climate” or “Engagement”? 

How is your Climate shaping your Culture?

What impact is your Culture having on our performance?

What practical actions can improve organisational culture and how can their effectiveness be measured?  

What roles do your stated Mission and Philosophy play in creating your culture?

Is your Organisational Structure supporting the ideal culture?

Do you have the most effective systems for induction, goal-setting and performance appraisals? 

Are goals appropriately clear and challenging?   

Are your training and development systems working for you?  

Is there causative relationship between the conduct of leaders and the culture and performance of their teams?  

How do leaders’ personal styles, their behaviours and leadership strategies impact on your Culture?

How does their articulation of Vision, Mission and Purpose count?

How effective is our current approach to communication across the organisation?

When tasks are challenging, how are they handled?

Do people respect their managers and are they open to influence?

How are people encouraged to thinking critically and innovate?

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Know the facts

Clear a clear view on what you are dealing with

Take effective action

Target the areas that will give you the greatest return on investment

Measure progress

Test to see that action taken to improve your culture is working

Consider the power and reach of a methodology that integrates all of these modalities

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We’ll share how an integrated approach creates significant change