Leadership and management teams that lead high performing organisations do two things:-

  1. They make good decisions
  2. They communicate the meaning of these decisions effectively.

The leadership teams that lead high performing organisations achieve sustainable, category winning results because:

  • They see clearly what is happening in their market and within their organisation;
  • They understand deeply what is shaping their reality and what shapes their future; and, armed with this intelligence
  • They create a desirable future through engaging and directing the people they lead.

We believe these things to be a given. And yet they become lost in the ubiquity of:

  • Complex and evolving market environments;
  • Diverse skill levels and unconscious personal biases across members of the leadership team; and
  • Random, seldom questioned approaches to achieving clarity and consensus within the leadership team.

Our contribution to the equation is that we can help leadership teams make better collective decisions and communicate these decisions more effectively with the rest of the organisation.

It is a practical two pronged approach that:-

  1. Focuses the attention of the leadership team on the things that matter, leverages the diversity of perspectives and strengths that are present in the leadership team and builds their collective, creative capability. They reach common answers to the questions of context, vision, purpose, strategy and culture;
  2. Equips the team with the structures, skills and personal qualities that support effective leadership communication. They are able to enroll their people in coherent and compelling courses of action for which they are all accountable. They communicate effectively through presentation and dialogue, live or via recorded media.

Both elements of our approach, while grounded in insight and logic, require agreement and practice, like the drills of a sports team, or the rehearsals of a company of actors. We describe the approach as playbook, as it involves agreement on a finite set of understandings, principles and strategies that get the most out of the team. Put to work in an organisation, it is the High Performance Playbook®.


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