COUP Online Learning

Requires Upper Circle Membership

100. Communication

This is a practical and comprehensive approach to developing the power and ability to create awareness, understanding and belief; whether live, online or in media.


300. Cognition

An accessible and practical approach to improving the quality of your thinking. Avoid the cognitive errors and delusions that undermine your decision-making.


200. Composure

The power and ability to remain grounded, connected and calm when things become challenging; a useful competency when dealing with the stressors of the pandemic.


400. Collaboration

Collaboration is a competency; the power and ability to contribute to, or lead teams of people to achieve great things, whether its face-to-face or online.


In response the changing workplace environment, we will be updating this material with training experience that address current needs.The focus remains Communication, Collaboration, Cognition and Composure in a rapidly changing time.  

COUP Online Learning provides professional and personal development experiences that build your power and abilities across a set of core relationship and communication competencies.  

Designed for people who are already in motion playing key roles in businesses, communities and families, the sessions enable you discover insights, learn new models and skills and practice them in the context of your current routines and daily dramas.  

Watch this video to learn why we focus on building Competence.  

Course Structures

Each COUP Online Learning Course has a series of Classes, each of which is delivered across a number of Sessions. Each Session features a video presentation of roughly seven minutes, followed by Action Learning exercises.

You are encouraged to keep a learning journal as some Action Learning exercises require note taking. You can also use the Online Notepad from any page featuring the Take Notes button in the top right corner. Your notes will be secure and available for you to access, download and print at any time from here.