Build your core leadership strengths

without taking your head out of the game

Grow in power, impact and influence

If your business is experiencing disruption, transformation or growth,

and you want to retain and develop your best people,

If you know your best option is to cultivate leaders from within, 

but you are finding it difficult to deliver effective development to your leadership cohorts,

We may be able to help.

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Three fundamental powers

1.  Effective leaders see clearly.  They are can separate reality from social norms, unconscious biases and logical fallacies

2.  They seek to understand the whole story – the true nature of what the are dealing with

3.  They are effective communicators and have the skills to lead high performing teams to achieve the best possible outcomes.  

Today's people leaders

Even before COVID arrived, people leaders were dealing with disruption and expectations to deliver more with less.

In the post-pandemic world, many businesses are aiming for renewed grow in the midst of troubling inflation, increasing cost-of-living, supply chain disruption and talent shortages.  

In this environment, you don’t need conventional training.  You need relevant development experiences, ideas and practical tools that serve three clear functions.



From feeling overwhelmed to being solid and clear on role



From having low-impact to being proactive and effective



From being ad hoc to intentional and sustainable

The COUP Development Approach

Our approach provides people leaders development they need without competing with the demands of BAU.

Ours is a 10:20:70 approach that harnesses their existing strengths and momentum.  We provide fuel, direction, game-changing insights and support.


Workshop Development

90-minute power sessions delivered live or virtually


Self-Directed Development

Collegial Conversations and Online Learning


On-the-Job Development

Immediate application of practical development

Core Competencies

Core competencies are the foundation of an effective people leader.  With mastery over these, everything follows.  


the power and ability to be calm and connected when things get hard


the power and ability to create awareness, understanding and belief


the power and ability to lead high performing teams that deliver


the power and ability to see clearly and make good decisions

we are COUP

With over three decades of professional development experience, we know what works and how to create and deliver experiences that engage and move people leaders to new levels of effectiveness and impact

What experienced leaders Say

"Watching Annie and David work is a joy. Illustrating behaviour, with superb acting skill, ensures the leadership insights and wisdom come to life and truly land with participants - often with humour, always with impact."
Kathleen Bailey-Lord FAICD
Independent Non-Executive Director
"Their approach is innovative, creative and tailored to the specific needs of the organisations they work with. It has proven to be highly successful with participants who take away practical strategies they can use immediately to be more effective leaders. David and Annie’s experience training leadership teams in Australia and Asia allows them to work effectively and productively across all sectors and industries."
Dagmar Schmidmaeir AM
Educator, Mentor & Book Adviser to Business Leaders
"I worked with David and Annie from COUP for 4 years from 2017 to 2020 delivering the CEW Leaders Program. Their programs are competency based and their delivery style is creative, thought provoking, fun and most importantly different to other leadership programs. I can’t recommend David and Annie highly enough."
Amanda Mostyn
HR Advisor, Non Executive Director, CEW Member, Former Group Executive Human Resources, ASX.

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