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We work with clients who aim to strengthen competences in the following areas.  

Manage the Disruptors

We work with clients who are experiencing disruption due to the impact of one or more of these conditions.  


Annie and David McCubbin trained to be professional actors.  They trained other people to act.  They discovered the skills that make actors powerful are available to anyone with an appetite to learn them and practice.  

They began teaching and coaching people in business.  For over 25 years they have shared insights, skills and practices that strengthen your power to influence what you can while accepting things outside your control. 

They were introduced to ACT by Cathy Ebert, the founder of Ebert Psychological Services (EPS).  ACT is a refined, tested and flexible approach to doing the things that make life better.  

In association with Cathy Ebert and EPS, Annie and David will provide a mix of coaching, training and therapy sessions. In essence, they will help you build the skills that help you live according to your values.

Annie McCubbin

I have been working with people to create change in their lives for 25 years.

I have an ability to help people recognise and articulate their fears, worries, and aspirations.

After a lifetime of trying not to think anxious thoughts, I discovered ACT.  For the first time in my life, I experienced a sense of freedom and relief.  Instead of being emotionally tugged and tossed about by difficult thoughts and feelings, I found a way to let them be, to come and go, with less disruption, allowing me to get on with the things I love.

I have now threaded ACT into my coaching, helping clients make room for difficult thoughts and feelings while encouraging them to take meaningful action based on their values.

When people are stuck in a cycle of repetitive thoughts, simply recognising what they have control over and what they don’t can be absolutely galvanising. 

When clients are connected to their values they are freer to behave with confidence and achieve meaningful goals. 

I’ve had great success with clients who struggle with Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome and People-pleasing, having danced with all of them.

I genuinely like people and believe everyone has the right to lead a fulfilling life.

David McCubbin

I have been a strategic business leadership communication consultant, trainer and coach for over twenty years.  Before that a Logie-winning actor and Playschool presenter. 

For many years, I have been looking for a way to ground the skills and techniques I’d learned as an acting student at the National Institute of Drama Art (NIDA) and adapted to help people in business communicate and lead more effectively. 

Addressing the reality of the professional folk we work with – their struggles, their values and beliefs – it has become clear that a large number of people are dealing with challenges that require more support than a half-day workshop or an online learning program. 

I believe ACT is the most effective and empowering personal development approach available for people leaders and professionals. In these roles, your value lies in the workings of your mind and your ability to act with clarity and conviction.  If everything was perfect, mindful action would be no problem.  But reality has a way of testing us, so it makes sense to get support to build strength and agility. 


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